When we say “west coast”, we obviously don’t mean “ALL of the coastline that is on the western side”. That would just be silly.

While not as severe as that regarding the Slow Coast, this is another of the ontologically challenging categories that face your humble editorial team. To put it plainly: Skåne has a lot of coastline on its western edge, but we can’t put the whole coastline into one conceptual bucket, because… um, reasons?

Nonetheless, we’re bundling together certain parts of the southern end of the west coast, between Malmö and Helsingborg, and calling them “västkusten“, because there’s enough similarity of character and circumstance for it to make sense.

That said, none of this categorical caviling need make any bones to you, dear reader! All that you need to know is that Lomma, Kävlinge, Bärsebeck and Landskrona are all västkusten… and that means they’re all strung along a beautiful shoreline that looks out over the Öresund, and which makes for a pretty damned lovely place to walk or cycle around.

It also means they’re all haunted by the possibility of being declared as flexmark zones in response to rising sea levels. Of course, not everyone here spends a great deal of time worrying about that… though the closer they live to the shore, the more it nags at them, as you might expect.

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