Welcome to Skåne!

Since around 2045, Sweden has been a zero-emissions country—and Skåne is arguably the place where you can see the changes, still ongoing, that have resulted from this reconfiguration. It’s also a beautiful region full of things to see and do… so why not get stuck in and start exploring?

Skåne is the southernmost county in Sweden, right next door to the Danish capital of Copenhagen. If the image you have in your head when you think of Sweden is one that involves snow and mountains, well, that’s not inaccurate… but it’s not Skåne! Blessed with the best agricultural soils after the slow retreat of the Ice Age glaciers, Skåne—or “Scania”, if you would rather use the Anglicised version of the name—the county has been a regional “breadbasket” for centuries. (Though not always for Sweden; the Swedish crown fought the Danish for control of this strategic and economic asset in a long-running dispute that was only formally settled in 1720.)

Northwest Lakelands Metrozone Slow Coast Heartlands

So, no mountains—hardly any hills, even!—and snow is a rarity. But while Skåne may lack some of the Swedish stereotypes, it has lots of pleasant surprises in store. Long beaches of fine white sand? Check! Dramatic rocky coastlines, complete with clandestine commerce? Yes, indeed. Rolling tracts of farmland, peppered with romantic old churches, lakes, wetlands and forests? You bet! And for those who like the cosmopolitan life, there’s always the metro zone of the southwest corner, with the venerable university city of Lund and the bustling post-industrial port of Malmö.

Skåne—much like Sweden, and indeed the world as a whole—has changed a great deal during the first half of the C21st, and much of that change can be attributed to Sweden’s extensive efforts to reach the decarbonisation goals it set for itself over three decades ago, back in 2017. As such, while this guide will be useful for those of you lucky enough to be able to travel for pleasure, it is also aimed at helping those whose visit is driven more by necessity and circumstance, as well as those who may be returning after a long time elsewhere.

Whatever you might need to know, whether it’s where to get a good meal, where to stay, or even where to find opportunities for employment, the Rough Planet Guide to Zero-Carbon Skåne 2050 has you covered!

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