The Skånian Northwest is strung along the old E6 highway, which provides a ready-made itinerary for adventure…but that’s just the start of the possibilities!

As observant readers, you will have noticed that the northwestern part of Skåne is the only one which we have not gifted with a clever name.

The other regions we have named after their dominant “vibe”, but with an awareness that in doing so we have been somewhat reductive: the Slow Coast is not all coast, after all (though it is generally pretty slow), and there’s plenty of wide-open landscape in the Metropolitian Zone, despite its urbanistic moniker. The risk of reductiveness seemed particularly acute with the Northwest, however: other than reducing it to a hinterland of Helsingborg, which would be monstrously unfair, there’s just no obvious thing that ties it all together.

And that, we would argue, is exactly its appeal. Sure, there’s Helsingborg—and let’s not undersell this lively, historical little city, which has a whole lot going on, quite aside from its role as a gateway to Denmark. But there’s also:

the mystical forests of Örkelljunga, spackled with ecovillages;

the promontory of Höganäs (peaceful, with a chance of piracy);

the eccentric coastal vibes of Ängelholm;

and the sports-loving bustle of Båstad, backed up by its “potato peninsula”.

All of this is strung along the old E6 highway, which provides a ready-made itinerary for adventure… but if you’re looking for the road less travelled, you can always head to the east and make your way toward the Heartlands, where secrets hide themselves in the forest glades…

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