Though fairly small and lightly populated, Höganäs is surprisingly well known internationally as a site of artistic controversy.

Höganäs kommun projects northwestward into Kattegatt, the stretch of sea between Sweden’s west coast and the Danish east coast, and faces Bjärehalvön to the northeast across the bay of Skälderviken. It’s not a big area, and a lot of it is coastline—and that means there are times of year when you should be cautious about where you walk and who you talk to.

Once a renowned center for the Swedish ceramic arts, Höganäs nowadays has an international name among those in the know for being the (notional) location of the micronation of Ladonia, founded in the last years of the C20th by the controversial artist Lars Vilks as part of a long-running dispute over the sculptures he had built on the coast of the Kullaberg nature reserve. Kullaberg itself, at the very point of the district, remains a prominent attraction for visitors.

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