The municipal slogan, very much a classic of the genre, sums up the vibe: “Skåne’s best dwelling-municipality”. This ain’t a party town, OK?

If you’ve been clicking around in this guide for a while, you’ll have noticed that there are a number of places in Skåne—as there are in the world beyond—where not much happens that’s of interest to anyone who doesn’t live there. Kävlinge kommun, and its eponymous centralort, is one of those places; those who don’t like it that way tend to move on.

Moving on is pretty easy, thanks to Kävlinge town having a station on the railway line that runs through from Lund to the south and then north toward Helsingborg and, further on, Gothenburg. This also goes some way toward explaining its status as a sleepy but sizeable dormitory town, surrounded by agricultural land: it’s somewhere to retreat to when you’ve got time off from your job in one of the bigger cities, or when you’ve retired from that stuff entirely. (The municipal slogan is very much a classic of the genre, and accurately sums up the vibe: “Skånes bästa boendekommun”, which comes out as something like “Skåne’s best dwelling-municipality”. This ain’t a party town, OK?)

Not even Kävlinge can entirely dodge excitement and controversy, however, as out on its coastal edge lies the village and subdivision of Bärsebeck, best known (if not exactly universally loved) as the site of Skåne’s nuclear power facilities, old and new. We don’t recommend bringing it up in the rest of the kommun, though; you can never reliably tell who’s for or against just by looking, and by the time you’ve asked, it may already be too late…

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