The Circular Coffee Cruise

It’s hard—or at least expensive—to find good coffee in Skåne these days. If you really want (or need) the good stuff, this is the place.

You may be wondering where the nice scent comes from when wandering in the northern part of Helsingborg‘s harbour? Well, it is a not so well-kept secret. The nice blend of raspberry, peach and citrus originates from pier 804 at the very far end of the harbour.

While there, you can distinguish a carefully moored sailing boat, making the trip between Uruguay—one of the last countries where arabica coffee can still be grown—and European countries and carrying the precious ‘black gold’ in air-tight containers for the pleasure of a few. Indeed, the daily Zoega’s Circular Coffee CruiseTM (CCC) is not for all budgets as the sun-powered sailing boats from Uruguay still take two weeks to reach Helsingborg and the coffee brewing process requires three specially-trained baristas who know all about the art of making a good coffee, with perfectly weighted proportions of water—reused and thoroughly filtered of course—and of the finest grains as well as the optimal temperature. But 10% of the price goes to a retraining and support programme for former and destitute small coffee farmers from Colombia.

It is not for the busy traveller either. The full coffee ceremony is a multi-hour event and a spiritual experience. Avoid any perfume that could alter the coffee experience. Dress humbly and avoid any jewellery that could damage the coffee equipment; the baristas don’t joke about that.

And for the nostalgic, don’t expect any “påtår ingår” policy as the arabica coffee, instantly and manually ground in a special fully air-tight special cabin (using clinically hygienic methods that would put the newly refurbished Malmö hospital to shame) and fully traceable, is carefully rationed among the guests. However, a coffee leaves ready-to-drink beverage to take home is included in the price, delivered in a practical packaging made of coffee grounds, which can be reused in your local vegetable garden as a chemical-free plant nutrient.

For a budget alternative, head to the Rot chicory cafe just over the way to experience the alternative to coffee among Sweden’s ecohipsters—and make sure to come early if you want to enjoy the view of the ascetically dressed CCC visitors, all with a hairnet on the head, boarding the sailboat.

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