Notes for newmads: information for Sevilla card-holders

Are you thinking of visiting Sweden as a “newmad”, a Sevilla card-holder from one of the EU’s new Climate Vulnerability Zones (CVZ)? The legal stuff is a bit complex, but don’t worry, we’ve got the basics below.

Here’s what you need to know:

General info: As part of the Sevilla Convention being signed two years ago, you are now allowed to live and work in any flexible land-use area in the EU during a five-month period, as long as you can move if the authorities think that the conditions will become harmful to humans. The Sevilla card season in Skåne is by regional law set to be between 1st of June and 31st of October. The reason for this is that the flooding and storm season tends to kick in around the end of October, which causes the flexmark areas to become uninhabitable.

Residential limitations: It is important to know that you have to leave the area and bring your entire camp with you six hours after being notified by the local authorities. This also means that you cannot leave anything behind to come back for later. Anything left after these six hours will be confiscated by the authorities, who will give you a fine. These can sometimes be quite large, depending on the stuff you forgot to bring with you. Any camp still on the flexible land-use area after these six hours will also be forcibly evacuated, fined and have their Sevilla-card status revoked. These laws also apply for when you have to leave after your five-month period is over.

Rights and obligations: If you are the holder of a Sevilla card, the rules are the same in Skåne as in any other EU country. This means that you have to pay Swedish tax on any income you earn while working a seasonal job for a Swedish firm in Skåne. However, doing this also lets you be a part of the famed Swedish welfare system! This means cheap healthcare, subsidised public transportation, service pension, stable working conditions and more.

Employment: Don’t have a job arranged in advance? Many of the campsites that appear during the season hire people to take care of the site. Since the “newmad” season also takes place during the harvest season in Sweden, there are also many jobs to take in that sector. Many of these jobs also have trouble attracting the progressively older and highly educated permanent Swedish residents to work there, which means they will be very grateful for your contribution. Maybe fieldwork doesn’t take your fancy? Since the summer is the Swedish vacation season, many offices or shops need temporary employees to fill the places of the ones on holiday.

Top tips:

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