Travel & Mobility

However long you’re planning to be in Skåne, and wherever you’re travelling from, you’re probably going to want to know how to get around the county—and this page is here to help.

We’ve got some general advice for international arrivals, and given it’s the main overland gateway to not just Skåne but the whole of Sweden, you’ll probably want to know at least a bit about Malmö. Meanwhile, if you’re en svala (a “swallow”) planning a seasonal migration from southern Europe, we’ve got some more specific guidance for you. Perhaps you’re coming in your own private car? We have a valuable pointer you, too: please don’t!

Once you’re here, there are two major ways of getting around: under your own power, i.e. on a bike or similar vehicle, or on public transport. The public transport system has a lot of rules and options—typical of Sweden, some might say—and can be a little daunting at first, but our guide to the national Mobil app should get you moving without too many mishaps. (There’s also some helpful pointers for those with different mobility needs.)

As for cycling, well, they say you never forget how to do it…but even those of you familiar with two wheels (or three, or however many) may want to get the lowdown on the local customs and conditions nonetheless.

Of course, sometimes things have to move around as well as people—so if you’re here for any significant amount of time, you may need to know how to get things from A to B without you carrying them yourself. (If you’re scoping out the possibilities of a business operation, there’s also a very introductory guide to freight logistics for the entrepreneurially inclined on the same page.)

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