Village people: the oddball highlights of rural Skåne

A visit to Skåne would not be complete without a tour of the many unusual villages in the region’s central and northern forests. This area’s remoteness—by Skånian standards—and ample supply of run-down villages and ghost-towns have attracted a variety of settler movements over the years.

Whether you want to meet reclusive disaster-preppers or welcoming ex-Pacific-Islanders, the Heartlands has a village perfect for you!

Bear in mind that, while it’s possible to get to most of these locations (and many more) on the public transit system, it can be challenging to do it on a schedule that doesn’t involve your making a lot of compromises. Just remember that the county transport system is designed for locals first and foremost, and be sure to check our comprehensive guide to mobility in Skåne for top tips on getting where you want to go!

Of course, the term “village” has expanded a lot in recent decades. So if unusual city enclaves are more your bag—or if you don’t fancy the hassle of getting out into the countryside—then you might find our selection of urban villages more to your taste:

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